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Where are the Xilobis products manufactured?

Made in Switzerland! Xilobis is only produced in Switzerland.

Is the Xilobis Module with cable and ball completely stable?

The ball binding is very stable and remains so even under an increasing weight load - the load is evenly distributed across the balls. Furthermore, the system is designed so that the sides are supported at least every 50cm, and thus do not sag under heavy loads. The cable does not stretch under the load, but ensures the stability of the individual modules.

Won't the cable loosen over time?

No - the cable consists of two strands. The inner cable ensures permanent elasticity and the casing protects it from abrasion. In addition, the cable is not stretched by the weight, but ensures the stability of the individual modules.

What makes the Xilobis binding technology so unique?

Conventional joining techniques such as screws, brackets or glue are often the weakest point of a structure and are prone to wear and tear. In contrast, the individual elements at Xilobis are fastened together and use a chromed steel ball as a flexible binding. This protects the material and allows for repeated assembling, dismantling and reassembling without any loss of quality or wear and tear.

What does flexibility and versatility mean?

The unique combination of ball and cable results in distinct individual modules and functional furniture. The components can be extended in number of ways and in a few steps can meet spatial and visual requirements. Individual requirements can always be met, simply, efficiently and in full, without tools. This makes planning easier and saves money.

What makes the Xilobis system unique and individual?

Few other types of furniture offer so much flexibility and uniqueness in terms of spatial and visual design. In combination with the options, you can create a unique, highly individual piece of furniture, which you can change, adjust or add to at any time.

Can I extend or add to the Xilobis Module?

Absolutely. The sophisticated system is limitless and meets your individual needs with ease. Use the "configurator" / furniture planner as an intelligent partner and let your creative imagination run wild.

Where can I find my original plans?

All your plans and orders are stored in the "configurator" / furniture planner. You only need to register on the website, and you can add to your last order or design plans.

Where can I get additional Modules and accessories?

Directly over the Internet. You can retrieve or add to your old plans using the "configurator" / furniture planner or request the items you want from the "shop". In both cases, we will send the items directly to you.

Why should I use the configurator if there is a shop available?

All your plans and orders are stored in the "configurator" / furniture planner. If you use this and add extend your furniture, the plans are always up to date and simplify your next addition and communication with us. The "shop" is intended more for trade purposes, where there are no underlying individual plans. As a private individual, we recommend you that you always use the "Configurator" furniture planner.

Can options also be fitted at a later date?

Absolutely no problem. The philosophy behind this furniture is that it can constantly be changed and extended or added to in any number of ways. The box on wheels Xilobis-Roller is compatible with all the system options of Xilobis-System-38.

Is it complicated to assemble a piece of Xilobis furniture?

No, no tools and no power are required for assembly. Assembly is more of a creative process with excitement rather than annoying screws. Under "System" you will find instructions with images for the system and also a video clip.

Do I have to assemble it myself?

No - we can deliver Xilobis furniture to you and even assemble it. Learn more about our services under "Service".

Why the drawers have no locking mechanism?

A locking mechanism would alienate the product and the philosophy. See our drawers as a flexible container, which you can remove with the desired content and take to another place. We also offer an optional lock.

Storage and transport

The furniture can be quickly assembled, dismantled and reassembled by anyone. The disassembly into individual elements reduces the weight and makes it compact and easy to transport. The components are stacked and therefore require very little storage space.

What material is used in the Xilobis system?

Xilobis is a natural birch wood furniture. The high demands on the strength of the timber components are met through the plywood or laminate technology. Thin layers of wood are glued together in different directions and thus ensure that the wood panel is "locked", so the swelling and shrinking behavior is homogenized. This birch plywood meets our needs better than a solid wood panel and can be processed more precisely.

What is the difference between chipboard and plywood?

Unlike plywood or laminated wood, where thin layers of wood are glued to improve handling (see point 16), there is a fastening plate made of glued chips, which are pressed together in a multilayer board. Over time these panels would sag under heavy loads. Xilobis uses no chipboard.

What is meant by film coating?

The surface coating consists of a thin paper sheet which is protected by a melamine or phenol-resistant film. The special feature of this technology is a warm and natural surface, which gives "feels" pleasant to the touch.

FSC Certification?

The natural raw material birch comes from FSC-certified plantations.

Thoughts on the environment?

Birch wood is available in abundance. Birch is a tree that grows quickly and to a great height and after just six years can reach a height of up to seven meters. The black and white film coating the surface is very resistant and also more environmentally friendly than conventional paints.

Toxic class free?

Xilobis uses IF20 for the plywood gluing (processed with toxic class free glue).

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