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Xilobis is a natural birch wood furniture. The high demands on the strength of the timber components are met through the plywood or laminate technology. Thin layers of wood are glued together in different directions and thus ensure that the wood panel is "locked", so the swelling and shrinking behavior is homogenized. This birch plywood meets our needs better than a solid wood panel and can be processed more precisely. We only use FSC-certified birch plywood processed using non-toxic glue (IF20, light glued joints).


The surface coating consists of a wafer-thin paper foil protected by a film of melamine or phenol. The surface won't splinter on impact like common laminate. Another specialized characteristic of this natural surface is its comfortable, warm "touch" upon direct contact.


We manufacture doors from acrylic glass, beech, aluminum, iron, and shale. Besides natural glazes, for coloration we also use high-quality pigment paint colors by kt.Color.


A stainless steel ball with a diameter of 13mm.


The cable consists of two polyester cords. The inner cable provides long-term elasticity, and the sheath protects it from wear.

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