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System 24

Winning the "Red Dot Award" is an honor not many can boast. If you can keep one step ahead in this competition focused on design, innovation, functionality, formal quality, and ecological sustainability, you can join the winners. Xilobis made the cut! Above all, the high level of design freedom and mobility we offer impressed the jury.

The individual design modules, with a depth of 24 cm, offer a building block for unique and elegant solutions in living areas or home offices. Whether you're looking for a sideboard, library, reception area, or room divider, it easily adjusts to your needs and spatial circumstances.

Xilobis always fits

The Xilobis shelving system isn't just technically refined - it also offers outstanding design and adapts easily to your spatial or visual needs at any time in just a few steps.

It uses no screws or fittings, and can easily be assembled, disassembled, and reassembled entirely without tools.


Round connections

Placing the standardized stainless steel balls between the precisely milled depressions in two modules creates an immovable, stable bond.

This creates a piece of furniture that allows modules to float on the balls.



Two cable loops hold the individual parts of a module together in a uniform fashion under tension.

The corner joints remain elastic, resulting in a highly resistant module despite reduced material thickness.

The lightness of being!

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Sliding Doors

The furniture achieves its unique appearance through the selection from a wide variety of sliding doors in different materials and colors.

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Countless Variations

Our well thought-out system gives you almost limitless options, and adapts to your unique needs with ease.

Further, the System 24 and System 38 modules can be combined, corner and round designs are also at hand.


The configurator is your personal furniture planner. You can use it to autonomously design and save your own unique pieces of furniture on our homepage, then add to them later at any time. You won't need any plug-ins or downloads to do so.

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