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Sliding doors - protective foils

Please note that sliding doors are always delivered with a protective foil in order to guard them against scratches. In some instances, you will barely be able to see it. Once you have removed the foil, we recommend dusting the surface by wiping it off with a wet cloth.

Sliding doors - glide even more smoothly

Rub a piece of paraffin over the top and bottom edges of the sliding doors.


If your xilobis furniture is stained or dusty, a microfiber cloth can work wonders. It is perfectly suited to clean your furniture. Dampen slightly to create the best tool to clean your surfaces. If you have stubborn stains, add glass cleaner or nitro thinner.

Video support

We've recorded a variety of videos for you - they help you visualize the most important considerations during assembly, disassembly, and reassembly.

Always level your base plate

When you set up your Xilobis furniture in a new location, we recommend that you always level your base plate using a water level. Wood is a natural product, and if it sits unevenly, this can create tensions that will warp the furniture. That would be a shame.

Don't slide furniture

Xilobis is a modular system whose spatial form can be changed quickly and easily. Because xilobis isn't screwed together, it shouldn't be slid across the floor like a normal piece of furniture. For safety reasons, you will need to briefly disassemble the module, level the base in the new location, and reassemble it.

Furniture length

Pieces higher than four modules tend to always lean backwards slightly. You can keep this in mind when leveling the base plate.

Middle supports in Module 100

A support must always be placed in the middle of the large module (100cm). This significantly increases stability, stopping the long wooden panels from warping.

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