Wine rack

Wa have considered what else can be created without using nails, screws or glue. The inspiration came from the south: good wine, long summer nights and light heartedness. This is xilobis Vino, a lightweight construction in solid wood for the noble drops and the good memories of the summer.

This xilobis wine rack made of spruce is based on a scissor system principle standardized using a clamped wooden frame.

Give your finest wines a lovely showcase!

Assembly: set up the base and the two side walls, insert the "scissor system" and set the top cover in place. Now you can pull out the scissor system until it is flush with the frame. The spatial limitation ensures that the individual compartments for the bottles are the perfect size, and allows you to insert the tray. Two specialized cord loops encircle the wine rack. This construction is highly stable and can hold hundreds of bottles. Assembly and disassembly require absolutely no tools!